Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Look back in angora

In his first visit to Kyiv since the invasion, NATO's chief states his support for Ukraine's membership—though there's no clear roadmap for when it might happen. / CNN

A Russian warplane accidentally bombed Belgorod, a Russian city 25 miles from the Ukrainian border. / BBC News

The Biden administration will issue rules to better protect more than 175,000 square miles of old-growth forests across the US. / Associated Press

Twitter's move to restrict API access would disrupt one of the key ways public agencies alert the public during emergencies. / The Verge

How AI is being used for people who have lost the ability to speak, once again giving them access to their voices. / The Washington Post

Why AI's threat to white-collar work feels different from other automation upheavals: It's about where you derive self-worth, and what it means when that's attacked. / WIRED

A report confirms what you already knew: Chromebooks have an expiration date, and are designed so cheaply to be irreparable—adding up to heaps of e-waste. / Motherboard

"The amazing story of how Philly cheesesteaks became huge in Lahore, Pakistan." / Philadelphia

In "Do you know how beautiful you are?" photographer Ashley Markle reconnects with her estranged father, imagining the moments they missed together. / Dazed

Looking back—or away?—at the 20th-century trend of male knitting-pattern models looking off-camera. / Flashbak

"Participants stay in FluCamp's facility for extended quarantines and testing." What it's like getting paid to be a human lab rat. / VICE

Some audio-detective work uncovers a lost joke from a 1992 episode of The Simpsons. / Neatorama

Brief expeditions for the weekend: Space Elevator, Escape Speed. / Neal.fun, xkcd

"Saturday was like Record Store Day is now, but every week." / The Guardian