Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Loser error

Russian “malign influence actors” have targeted the absentee voting process by spreading disinformation since at least March. / ABC News

The former assistant secretary for counterterrorism and threat prevention at Homeland Security says President Trump’s encouragement of white-supremacist terrorism is a significant threat. / The New York Times

A new book finds racism deeply embedded in white Christian churches around the United States. / The New Yorker

More than 90 percent of this summer’s racial-justice protests in the US were peaceful and nondestructive, according to a report. / The Washington Post

A man suspected of fatally shooting a supporter of a right-wing group in Portland was killed Thursday as law enforcement agents moved in to arrest him. / The Associated Press

Photographs of members from California's half-dozen Civil War reenactment organizations. / Pale Blue Dress

Unrelated/related: Visions of Black style, with references to the African diaspora, by the young British designer Wales Bonner. / The New Yorker

In Kenosha, Joe Biden says the United States is finally beginning to address the legacy of slavery, the country’s “original sin.” / The Associated Press

Four unnamed people say Trump called dead American soldiers “losers” and “suckers” for getting killed during his 2018 visit to France. Other sources quickly confirmed the story while the White house quickly denied it. / The Atlantic, The Associated Press, Twitter

A short documentary focuses on people who remove WWI munitions from a stretch of France known as the Zone Rouge. / The Morning News

Seven police officers are suspended in New York state over the March death of Daniel Prude, an unarmed Black man. / USA Today

Something we didn’t know: Police unions provide "courtesy cards" for officers to hand out to friends and family to escape infractions. / VICE

Trump pressures administration health officials to speed up work on a coronavirus vaccine before election day. / CNN

The White House’s chief scientific adviser says an effective vaccine is likely still months away. / NPR

Indiana University says positive tests for the coronavirus are over 50% in some frat houses. / Reuters

Now that extreme fires are a fixture of California's summer and fall, private firefighting is growing quickly. / Planet Money

A sound map collects samples from woodlands and forests across the world. / Sounds of the Forest

Naming problems after their discoverers makes higher math impenetrable not just to outsiders, but also to working mathematicians. / Nautilus

Achieving a balance with worry, rather than trying to avoid it completely, may be a more useful goal. / BBC News

FWIW: “Nothing about boneless chicken wings actually comes from the wing of a chicken. We’ve been living a lie for far too long.” / The New York Times