Friday headlines: Lucky to longer love

The BBC's list of 100 influential women includes Olena Zelenska, Billie Eilish, and Iranian climber Elnaz Rekabi. / BBC News

Iranian medics say security forces are targeting women's faces, breasts, and genitals. / The Guardian

Since 2013, Nigeria's military has run a secret mass abortion program in its war against Boko Haram. / Reuters

Next year, South Koreans will turn a year or two younger, if only on paper. / NPR

A recent trend in French business is to play phonetically with English words—new brands include Izipizi and Yomoni. / The Economist

See also: From three years ago, a map of North America replaced by cities across the Atlantic (by latitude). / Reddit

Some good, long reporting on why quarterback Andrew Luck walked away from football. "How do you fall out of love with something you love?" / ESPN

Something we didn't know yesterday: the numbering of "popes John" does not occur in strict numerical order. / Wikipedia

A screed against the ugliness—i.e., the "mid" in fake mid-century modern—supposedly running rampant in New York City. / n+1

Diary of an art handler who worked at this year's Art Basel in Miami Beach. / Dirt

Can AI write authentic poetry and create novel metaphors? The answer seems to be maybe. / The MIT Press Reader

San Diego and Los Angeles ban plastic foam. Meanwhile, a set of air-purifying headphones, meant to tackle "dual challenges" of noise and pollution, will cost $950. / Grist, dezeen

From October to Christmas, there are 169 original holiday movies available to stream. / The Ringer

Related: "Mele Kalikimaka" is said by no one in Hawaii this time of year. "It's basically gibberish." / Atlas Obscura