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Pressure mounts on the UN to provide support to northwestern Syria, which is yet to receive meaningful aid, largely due to the ongoing war. / The Guardian

The Turkish government blocks Twitter, citing technical problems. Typically, "problems" coincide "with periods of intense criticism of the government." / rest of world

Why did so many new buildings in Turkey collapse? "Construction amnesties." / BBC News

Scientists worry there may be little time left to learn from the Arctic's ecosystems before they disappear. / Grist

An estimated 230,000 students in the United States disappeared from public schools during the pandemic and didn't resume their studies elsewhere. / The Associated Press

A Texas judge is likely to impose an injunction that will ban the abortion pill nationwide. / The Guardian 

"No city in America has changed more than Austin has in the last two decades." Lawrence Wright tries to explain what's happened to his city. / The New Yorker

The number of affluent households across the US deciding to rent rather than buy has exploded. / Bloomberg

A decision tree for when to turn the heat on in New England. / McSweeney's

An investigation in December finds many popular dark chocolate bars contain concerning levels of lead, cadmium, or both. / Consumer Reports

A series of pewter and copper jackets in Paris. In Japan, a jacket becomes a wearable bag. / dezeen, Spoon & Tamago

Adidas's inventory of Kanye West gear may cost the company more than $1 billion. / Marketwatch

Google is scrambling to ship artificial intelligence products, "playing catch-up in a field it helped create." / Forbes

Related: A.I. Saddam Hussein picks the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. / Read Max