Ukraine says it shot down 10 missiles and more than 20 drones launched by Russia at Kyiv. / Reuters

An investigation finds previously unreported attacks that killed or wounded hundreds of Cambodian civilians during Henry Kissinger's reign in the White House. / The Intercept

See also: "Henry Kissinger at 100: Still a War Criminal." / Mother Jones

Community networks in Sudan are coordinating access to medicine, food rations, and information on how to leave the country. / Jacobin

Nearly 80 percent of all plastic leaking into the ocean comes from just 1,000 of the world's rivers, or 1 percent. / The New York Times

Surabhi Ranganathan: From a legal perspective, what is the ocean? How do we know it? In whose interests is it used? / The Dial

Greenpeace says recycling actually makes plastics more hazardous to human health. / dezeen

Shell pays a $10 million fine to restart a Pennsylvania plant that is likely to keep polluting. / Quartz

American malls are filling empty storefronts with breweries and pickleball courts. / ABC News

A month-long cruise, costing $25,000 per person, visits Civil War battle sites in 12 states. / The Points Guy

See also: The world's most expensive ice cream—about $6,000—includes white truffles and a handmade metal spoon. / Uncrate

In case you're interested in those Los Angeles restaurant owners embroiled in cat-abuse rumors, here's the latest. / Grub Street

Nice photography of the American West. Nice paintings by Kansas City's Mikey Yates. / Trent Davis Bailey, Booooooom

Interview with the engineer who recently faced Mark Zuckerberg in a jiu-jitsu tournament. "I guess I didn't feel anything negative." / GQ