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Friday headlines: Motion to set aside husband

Texas Governor Abbott cancels his appearance at today’s NRA meeting in Houston. / CNN

More than a quarter of a million people died in Somalia's 2011 famine, most of them children. This year is looking to be the same. / Reuters

The Supreme Court blocks a request from Louisiana and other red states to prevent agencies from using “the social cost of carbon” in decisions. / Politico

In case you were wondering: was yesterday a heat record where you live? / The Pudding

How to keep a displaced group knit together: pictures from a mostly West African mosque in the Bronx, New York. / Africa Is a Country

There are now 590 political prisoners in Hong Kong, up from 26 in June 2019. / The Economist

See also: Laser pointers and umbrellas sometimes lead to arrests in Hong Kong, and years of legal limbo. / WIRED

The recent New York Times Haiti event (so to speak) gets knocked for repackaging known history. At the same time, it's history many don't know. / Slate

Sources say BuzzFeed News plans to rebrand itself as “news for Gen Z.” / Gawker

Max Read says the web works better with more “closed-off,” higher-friction spaces. / Read Max

Bobak Parang: Never has there been a better time to be a cancer patient—or an oncologist. / The Los Angeles Review of Books

From 2015, novelist Sally Rooney recalls when she was “the number one competitive debater on the continent of Europe.” / The Dublin Review

Penguin Random House releases a fireproof edition of Margaret Atwood’s often-banned The Handmaid’s Tale. / TMN

The author of an essay titled "How to Murder Your Husband" is found guilty of fatally shooting her husband. / The Guardian

See also: The murder essay in question. / Archive.org

Why have action figures appeared to be masturbating since the 1970s? "Accessories and action-posing." / MEL Magazine