Battles in eastern Yemen may endanger up to 250,000 civilians. Here’s the Yemen conflict explained in 400 words.

According to the Inspector General, former FBI Director Comey was “insubordinate” in handling the Clinton probe, but not biased. Look for Trump to exploit the report on many levels.

Most of the fastest-growing jobs in the US don't pay enough for the recipient to afford the average apartment.

The maker of food-delivery robots says some people are kicking its adorable little machines.

McDonald’s will replace plastic straws with paper in the UK and Ireland beginning in September.

As the digital economy expands, social media has become a “pink collar” job filled by women.

Luxury hotels express frustration at being bombarded by requests from "influencers" demanding free vacations.

San Francisco's new mayor London Breed is the only woman to run one of America's top 15 largest cities.

After 100 days, Atlanta’s still got a mayor named Keisha. A Q+A with the mayor who became a meme.

Since the Charleston massacre, 110 Confederate symbols have been removed. Approximately 1,728 still stand.

There have been more than 200 tries to reconfigure California's boundaries. A new attempt will be decided in November.

Macedonia makes a name-change deal with Greece, ending a bitter 27-year name dispute.

Russia wins its opening match in the World Cup with few chances of any trophies. At the same time, it’s the undisputed winner of everything.

Few spectacles can match World Cup soccer for affirming a fatalistic sense—unless you’re German, and expect to win—that your people were born under a bad sign. A thoughtful, surprisingly inspiring primer on this year’s World Cup and World Cups generally.

There’s only one title to be won in the World Cup, but there are still thousands of opportunities for poems.

When it comes to elite girl runners, the problem isn't puberty; the problem is the media that finds "becoming women" a problem.

Now that we're in the postseason, a Reddit user wonders: why can’t the Warriors just link arms around Steph Curry?

Open for debate: Who could launch themselves higher on a trampoline, LeBron James or Simone Biles?

An interesting “mirror, mirror” argument finds similarities between Trump and Obama’s global gambits and ambitions.

A photojournalist and U.N. photographer talks about the challenges of portraying news subjects with fresh eyes.

Elite crime dogs can sniff out not only drugs but electronics like thumb drives, too.

People know that emotions can influence our health. The reverse direction is also true, especially for “hanger.”

Billion-dollar blockbusters have become full of sweepingly cinematic, unbroken shots—except they're faked.