Headlines edition

Friday headlines: My putty valentine

The UN's outgoing human rights commissioner says China may have committed crimes against humanity by abusing Uyghur Muslims. / BBC News

The US imposes new restrictions on sales of some sophisticated computer chips to China and Russia. / The New York Times

French tax authorities use AI to spot thousands of undeclared swimming pools. / The Washington Post

Texas spends nearly $13 million transporting migrants to more liberal places. Gov. Abbott previously requested private donations to offset costs, to little excitement. / CNN, The Week

See also: Abbott's scheme is said to help migrants, bringing them closer to their destinations while saving them travel costs. / The El Paso Times 

London is building new housing at breakneck speed; no wonder all the new buildings look like they were rendered in Minecraft. / The Guardian

Related: Why do so many new consumer goods look like wet putty? Blame it on a trend from Porsche culture. / Blackbird Spyplane

A report from a film festival, held in Greece every four years, that shows only installments of an 80-hour cult film intended to cure us from media culture, mostly with flashing lights. / Spike

Bingo stages a comeback with elaborate shows that sell out months ahead. "This is bingo with a difference." / The Wall Street Journal

How Serena Williams changed her prep for her final US Open: new coaches, drills, and analytics. / The New York Times

Watch: Rennae Stubbs, currently coaching Williams, visits public courts around Los Angeles "to yell at people" and hopefully improve their game. / TMN