Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Ode to joy.

The United States overtakes China to have the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world.

China will no longer accept most foreign citizens into the country. In Nepal, hundreds of trekkers are stranded on high-altitude mountain trails.

Related/unrelated: Virtual reconstructions of Europe’s fortified past.

Smartphone data reveal which American states are social distancing (Nevada) and which are not (Wyoming).

Related: “Coronavirus Spreading Faster in Detroit Than Nearly Anywhere in United States.”

The National Security Council created a pandemic response plan in 2016. The White House ignored it.

“The disconnect between Trumpian reality and actual reality has never been on starker display than in the past few days.”

What Donald Trump's coronavirus briefings are really about: an insecure man needing to feel reassured and praised. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson tests positive.

Americans are generally slightly more worried, also slightly more satisfied.

Almost 3.3 million people filed unemployment claims with the Department of Labor last week.

How the macroeconomics of Covid-19 do and do not resemble those of WWII.

“I never wanted to learn this much about economics, nor indeed about my husband.” Relationship drama in the time of coronavirus, via stories from the Social Distance Project.

During a pandemic, some information about attachment theory amid tips on how to stay married.

More than 20 people talk about how they’re handling sex right now.

Related/unrelated: Selections from Poetry magazine related to “indoor activities.”

What flying internationally looks like at the moment

What it looks like when a distillery pivots to producing hand sanitizer.

Yet more stuff to watch: all of the short films that were supposed to debut at SXSW; James Blake plays covers; green sea turtles hatching.

A social distance walk through empty streets in Rotterdam. Even prettier: empty streets in Amsterdam.

Members of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra play the finale of Beethoven’s ninth from home.