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Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: OnlyEverybody.

Russia now has the second-highest number of reported coronavirus cases in the world, behind the US.

Mexico is said to be severely undercounting its virus deaths. Meanwhile, New Zealand is reopening businesses and schools after three straight days of no new cases.

Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia establish Europe’s first “travel bubble.”

A list of elections around the world postponed or canceled by the coronavirus.

Highlights from whistleblower Dr. Bright’s testimony before a House subcommittee yesterday.

Education Secretary DeVos is directing millions of dollars intended for public schools and colleges to private and religious schools.

Apple reopens stores with temperature checks. In Germany, that means a probe to see if EU privacy rules are being violated.

How many streams does it take for a musician to make a buck off Apple, Spotify, YouTube, et al? A lot.

Lucky concertgoers in Germany win one-on-one, 10-minute performances at Stuttgart Airport.

See also: A brief video in which Vienna’s historic buildings float in the air.

Director David Lynch resumes describing the weather online, only this time it’s on camera.

TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin launches "Meditations in an Emergency," a newsletter of weekly (very) short essays about beautiful things.

Just before the pandemic, Sarah Hepola went rock climbing for the first time at Texas’s renowned Hueco Tanks park.

"Oh, the places you won't go!" Dr. Seuss covers get updated for current times.

The Calgary Zoo is shipping a pair of giant pandas back to China due to the difficulty of importing bamboo.

Michael Pollan: Our food system is the product of agricultural and antitrust policies that "stand in urgent need of reform."

Berkeley plans to fully close some streets to create giant outdoor dining rooms.

Interview with a school nutrition director in a rural county. Also, a hardware store in Ohio says butter churns are a hot commodity.

The pandemic appears to be relaxing American laws—or at least law enforcement—about drinking alcohol in public.

Related/unrelated: OnlyFans, the adult content subscription platform, has gone mainstream.

“The bread is over.” An essay by Sabrina Orah Mark on working, motherhood, and fairy tales in the current period.

Art gallery behemoth Hauser & Wirth begins selling work by its own staff and their families.

Cast members from Back to the Future reunite under quarantine. The Los Angeles Times does a big package on what’s next for television. Also, a random fact: Jonah Hill swears the most in film, some 22.9 times per 1,000 words uttered.

Retirees stuck in assisted-living facilities become DJs for a new broadcast called “Radio Recliner.