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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Password123456.

Research suggests July was the deadliest month in modern American history for people between the ages 25 and 44. / The New York Times

ICU capacity in Southern California has dropped to 0% based on available beds and the ratio of Covid patients. / NBC Southern California

“I saw a guy with an oxygen machine. He was carrying around an oxygen machine to breathe, but he didn’t have a mask on.” At large weddings in the age of Covid, the photographer sees all. / Texas Monthly

Covid vaccines—whether fake or simply nonexistent is anyone’s guess—are currently for sale on the darknet. / Input

French President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for Covid-19. / BuzzFeed News

Nearly eight million Americans have gone into poverty since June—the largest poverty level rise since tracking began 60 years ago. / The Washington Post

Jobless claims in the US increased to 885,000 last week, the highest since September. / Associated Press

In testimony, members of the Sackler family and Purdue's CEO say they did nothing wrong while their company was illegally marketing opioids. / NPR

For the first time, UK rules air pollution significantly contributed to a death: a girl who lived on a London traffic circle. / The Guardian

An island-sized iceberg broke off from the Antarctic shelf and is headed straight for an important penguin sanctuary. / Earther

Hundreds of Nigerian schoolboys have returned home after being kidnapped by Boko Haram last week. / Reuters

Among the US agencies whose networks were accessed by Russian hackers: the group that maintains America's nuclear weapons stockpile. / POLITICO

The defense spending bill that Trump has vowed to veto contains provisions that would help protect America against hacking. / The New York Times

"Trump’s legendary laziness has left the world a cleaner and greener place." Thirteen things Trump did right—sometimes despite his efforts to the contrary. / The Atlantic

Someone correctly guessed Trump's password ("maga2020!") and logged into his Twitter. Four years ago, that same person did the same thing using "yourefired." / The Guardian

Fake profiles for prominent conservatives on Parler are hawking Trump swag and CBD oil. / BuzzFeed News

A Space Force airman was demoted for arriving late to training because he was trying to buy a PS5. / The Verge

Negro League players between 1920 and 1948 will now become part of Major League Baseball's official record books. / ESPN

Photos documenting the remnants of segregation in America. / Ghosts of Segregation

Sam Jayne of Lync and Love as Laughter has died at 46. / KEXP

Photos of New England's neon signs at night, by Andrew Thomas Shea. / Creative Boom

A list of sights in Washington, DC, that you're not allowed to visit. / Atlas Obscura

Video: The view from Brooklyn's Dyker Heights, the "undisputed capital of Christmas pageantry." / The Morning News

"Several thousand dollars—at the least—each year." Dyker Heights residents on how much they spend on Christmas decorations. / The New York Times

A pair of basketball courts in Arkansas have been transformed into vibrant murals by the artist Lakwena. / Colossal