Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Peep up.

The 2018 Winter Olympics have begun. Here’s a story about the unified flag marched under by North and South Korea.

The US government briefly shut down again last night after Kentucky’s junior senator drew attention to the GOP’s hypocrisy on deficit spending—but the deal was never really in question.

Here's a rundown of 12 of the most important parts of the big, albeit temporary spending deal.

And in the maelstrom that is our West Wing, Chief of Staff Kelly was informed weeks ago that the FBI would deny full security clearance to several aides, including Porter—whom Kelly has known for months to be a wife-beater. It’s a full-on Kelly crisis.

Edward Steed imagines an alternate reality where Trump is just another nutjob talking to himself in New York City.

Everyone in the following Reuters photograph has left the Trump White House—or is getting the boot as we speak.

California may fight Trump's drilling plans with a tactic used in the '80s: "a coastal wall of resistance."

More voters say Donald Trump is responsible for the current state of the economy than Barack Obama. And only eight percent of American high school students know the South seceded from the Union to preserve slavery.

Sixty percent of female high school students see online porn before they're 18, though many aren't seeking it out.

As we become more efficient at making decisions, we gradually lose our capacity to absorb the things that don’t fit with the world we know. We become more intelligent with age, and we become less intelligent as well. An excellent diary from a machine learning conference.

Everything's wonderful and nothing is good at all when it comes to life in a shipping container.

Thanks to countless "luxury" apartment buildings that go unsold, London has become a city of ghost towers.

For the first time, scientists are mapping the coast redwood’s genome; its code is 12 times larger than ours.

Quincy Jones lets it fly on a variety of subjects, like dating Ivanka, knowing who killed Kennedy, or the tech billionaire who can play like Hendrix.

He was very smart, and he was pretty, a sexy angel-boy, vaguely androgynous, vaguely bi- or pan-sexual, seeming both lost and strangely in control, strangely ahead. John Jeremiah Sullivan returns to GQ and pays tribute to Lil Peep.

In A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1788), entries include "cackling farts" and "whipt syllabub."