Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Please don’t let an air traffic controller operate on me.

The outcomes of Trump's executive order opening the door to healthcare deregulation aren't clear yet, since it all depends on how the new rules are formed.

For a glimpse at what might happen, the "skimpy" plans Trump will approve are allowed in Tennessee and Washington state, where the sick suffer under high health premiums.

Particulate matter from the wildfires has diminished the air quality rating to "unhealthy" across Northern California.

“It became difficult to tell where the Weinstein team’s attempts to discredit the story left off and NBC News’ editorial forbearance began.” How NBC, after botching Trump’s “pussy grabbing” story, lost the Weinstein bombshell to the New Yorker.

Some surreality—and a surreal level of detail—from artist Ugo Gattoni to sharpen your mind. Good morning.

For your wanderlust, or the next time you’re stuck eating a sandwich at your desk: Four guys take a month-long, thousand-kilometer canoe journey over the Canadian shield to Hudson Bay.

The best way to fight fake news, without trampling free speech, is to help consumers protect themselves.

“Sometimes the beauty overwhelms the information.” The squid is no monster, but a marvel of biological function.

Not even Rush Limbaugh supports Trump's NFL flag-salute mandate—and neither does the NFL, at least not on Twitter.

The Boy Scouts of America will now accept girls, from Cub Scouts to Eagle—much to the ire of the Girl Scouts.

“Mail carriers drive the same exact routes almost every day. If the service kits out its vans with the right sorts of sensors, those vans could build and constantly update the incredibly detailed 3D maps that help self-driving cars navigate.” USPS thinks it can address solvency issues by pivoting to autonomous cars in the next decade.

Story of the day: Paramedics save man after whole fish jumps down his throat.