Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Processed to death.

Thousands have been evacuated in Southern California as four separate wildfires burn.

The Justice Dept.'s review of the probe into Russian election interference is reportedly now a criminal investigation.

"Nothing kills a global political scandal like debate about process, and that’s exactly what Republicans are betting on."

Tulsi Gabbard appeared on Hannity's show last night and criticized Democrats' closed-door impeachment hearings. This morning, she announced she won't run for reelection to Congress, and will focus her efforts on winning the Democratic presidential nomination.

See also: By pushing back against Clinton and establishment Democrats, Tulsi Gabbard hacked the right-wing media feedback loop.

Ever since McGovern lost in 1972, Democrats have been convinced the left can't win—an assumption that has never really been true.

As college students take to the polls in droves, those who seek to suppress them are enacting laws to make it harder to vote.

Betsy DeVos has been held in contempt of court for violating an order to stop collecting on student loans for a now-defunct college.

Tracking the buildings and signs around New York City that no longer bear the Trump name.

The Houston Astros have fired the staffer who made offensive statements at a group of female journalists, and apologized to the Sports Illustrated reporter they said fabricated the story.

The "gel-like" substance China found on the far side of the Moon is likely glass formed by meteorite impacts or volcanic activity.

At humanity's current pace, the disputes and inequality on Earth will be carried into space, paving a future lacking diversity.

A new worry for medical privacy: Facial recognition software can be used to identify individuals from their brain scans.

A history of how the American ideals of masculinity and racial superiority fed the rage for meat-rich diets.

The supermarket is a pinnacle of modern achievement, and we’re doing our best to destroy it with technology.

Cities are becoming so expensive that even the gentrifiers are being displaced. An argument to slow urban renewal.

“‘There are no second acts in American lives,’ wrongly observed F. Scott Fitzgerald.” The case for late bloomers.

The 20 most searched mesozoic dinosaurs on Wikipedia—14 of which starred in Jurassic Park.

With a high degree of accuracy, archaeologists are using scent-trained dogs to locate iron age tombs in Croatia.

Add the Bronx's Joker Stairs to the scourge of meme tourism—where Instagrammers clog sidewalks and spend no money.

Awkward conversation aside, assigned lunch seating at school reduces cliques and helps students develop socially.

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“Just enjoy every fucking blessed breath.” Remembering Nick Tosches with this 2012 Paris Review interview.

A heartwarming Twitter thread about finding an unfinished embroidery project at an estate sale.