Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Quid pro absolutely, I mean no.

White House chief of staff Mulvaney says Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine to pressure an investigation of his political rival, “absolutely.”

Hours later, “after Mr. Trump told aides to clean up the mess,” Mulvaney denies saying this at all. 

In a podcast episode, David Sanger from the New York Times does a good job explaining the geopolitical power moves resulting from Trump’s green light for Turkey’s attack.

Sanger: Trump’s cease-fire/cave-in cements Turkey’s and Russia’s massive sudden gains in Syria.

Despite Trump’s cease-fire, fighting continues between Turkey and Kurdish forces. In fact, Turkey is suspected of using white phosphorus against Kurdish civilians.

Erdoğan says he won’t forget the “lack of respect” of Trump’s ridiculous letter.

“It’s striking that, as he faces intensifying legal and political jeopardy, and with more of the public favoring impeachment, President Trump is doing more—not fewer—things likely to invite criticism, disapproval, and investigation.”

Gordon Sondland, US ambassador to the EU, breaks sharply from Trump before the House investigators.

Tax documents for two of Trump's Manhattan buildings reveal multiple conflicting figures that are "versions of fraud."

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Protests and general unrest continue in Barcelona after the sentencing of nine pro-independence leaders.

A new airplane is built in China with the aid of spies and hackers determined to "narrow the aviation gap."

Chill-inducing photos of icy Utqiagvik, the United States’ northernmost town, by Mark Mahaney.

How photography and conservation of America’s public lands has written indigenous people out of history.

Using aerial lasers to look beneath foliage in Belize, scientists discover a network of ancient Maya farms.

The Aru Islands, where Wallace came up with his ideas on evolution, are set to become a sugar plantation.

Major League Baseball's decision to allow funds to buy stakes in clubs opens the question: Do teams exist to win or profit?

America’s three largest opioid distributors and two opioid manufacturers may settle more than 2,000 lawsuits for $50 billion.

Reviewing a new book that boosts the Silicon Valley mythos, Adrian Chen shows how tech has furthered toxic capitalism.

The Brooklyn Museum is selling a Francis Bacon painting the artist wanted destroyed before it reached the market.

An analysis of sentiment in Jane Eyre from Reddit.

How quintessential American foods—the California roll, gumbo, queso, and spaghetti and meatballs—came about.

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