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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Rave on.

No one knows who will become Puerto Rico's governor after Rosselló steps down at 5 p.m. today.

In a memo, the FBI has identified fringe conspiracy theories—specifically naming QAnon and Pizzagate—as a domestic terrorist threat.

Today the US formally withdraws from a landmark 1987 arms control treaty with Russia, and the US military already has plans to test missiles previously banned under the treaty.

The State Dept. says that as the US and other nations have focused on the Islamic State, al Qaeda has rebuilt and is now "as strong as it has ever been."

It's unclear whether Trump's plan to import drugs from Canada will include insulin, which costs around 10 times more in the US.

Hacked emails from a license plate recognition company show how its lobbyist was shaping Republicans' border security demands.

In July, the US saw wage increases and slower job growth. Combined with Trump's announcement of more tariffs on Chinese goods, it may move the Fed to drop interest rates even more after this week’s interest rate cuts—which were the first in more than a decade.

That’s not the America I know. And something reminding me of the America I know makes it good. Channeling a certain portion of Democrats at the debate: “We Can’t Risk Losing to Donald Trump by Believing in Anything.”

A committee of federal judges concluded yesterday that all 83 ethics complaints filed against Justice Brett Kavanaugh will remain dismissed. There is no appeal option.

From false positives to court testimonies, we're ruining lives over our inability to adequately comprehend probability.

By gamifying the American Dream, the lottery is a scam that preys on hope, and should be abolished.

A vlogger family is selling lifelike dolls of their newborn son.

It was historic, it was romantic, and it was also really, really annoying. Life in magnificent, irritating old buildings.

A timelapse map of UFO sightings in the US since 1910 shows a major uptick in reports after The X-Files premiered.

The HaveWeMet subreddit is a fictitious town where strangers invent online personas and pretend to know each other.

Mizzurna Falls, a 1998 video game highly influenced by Twin Peaks, has finally been translated—and it's playable. See also: Imagining what a Twin Peaks video game might have looked like.

Businessman Ralph H. Cameron exploited the Grand Canyon until it became a national park—so he entered politics to exact revenge.

When things feel uncertain, sometimes I need the Crosby, Stills and Nash album with lunar hot dogs on the cover. Morgan Enos remembers his father through deep cuts from classic rock’s other albums.

Early '90s Australian rave culture photos, by Simon Burstall.

Cool video: Digital animation with fuzzy, analog synths in this collaboration between artist Max Hattler and composer Lux Prima.

Complex, geometrical orbs created with drawing machines, by James Nolan Gandy.