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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Revision history.

CIA director on Putin's war: "There is going to be long-term damage done to the Russian economy and to generations of Russians." / The Guardian

An elected county official has been arrested in connection with the murder of a Las Vegas journalist who was in the midst of reporting on the official's misconduct. / Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Texas Dept. of Public Safety has shaped public opinion to blame local police for inaction at the Uvalde massacre—even though twice as many state troopers were on the scene. / The Texas Tribune

A leaked list of more than 38,000 Oath Keepers members includes people currently running for or now in public office, as well as those in law enforcement and the military. / Associated Press

"It's not as simple as changing 'is' to 'was.'" How Wikipedia prepared for Queen Elizabeth's death. / Input

Analyzing Covid's devastating toll on Native Americans: High vaccine rates are little match for poverty, health problems, and low healthcare access. / The New York Times

"Literature's history is a history of mistakes, errors, misapprehensions, simple typos." How many errors are in this essay? / The Millions

On seeing the ABBA holograms perform: In an unexpected turn, the avatars worked the crowd better than their flesh-and-blood backup singers. / Dirt

"It crushed me." Some players were earning more than $100 a day when Minecraft outlawed NFTs. / Rest of World

See also: The bonkers story of how one person lost $1 million in a crypto scam that even involved a suspect trading platform on Apple's App Store. / Forbes

In a study, anti-cheating software used by schools failed to catch the cheaters—yet it still acts as a deterrent when students know it's installed on their computers. / Motherboard

A federal judge calls Trump's lawsuit against Hillary Clinton a "two-hundred-page political manifesto outlining his grievances against those that have opposed him." / Axios

"How a single image of the Battery Park City landfill captures New York at an inflection point in its history." / The MIT Press Reader

Art experts have found hidden objects in Vermeer's "The Milkmaid" that the artist later painted over. / France 24