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Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Seven wonders of the basement world

The number of African migrants trying to make it to the US southern border may soon hit a record high. (By 2050, 86 million Africans will be displaced because of climate events.) / Bloomberg

For the first time, microplastics have been found in freshly fallen Antarctic snow. / BBC News

Six takeaways from the Jan. 6 committee's first prime-time hearing. / The Washington Post

What you heard about the hearing if you watched Fox News instead. / Reliable Sources

Starting July 1, California's public high schools and middle schools will be required to start their days at a more humane hour. / The Atlantic

In a study of 159,255 women from racially diverse backgrounds, optimism correlates with a higher chance of living past 90. / Mic

In the depths of the pandemic, Elizabeth Johnson holed up at a West Virginia cabin and rethought her relationship to nature. / Bitter Southerner

Related: TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin spent lockdown with a rock star in his basement. / Los Angeles Magazine

Nobel laureate Olga Tokarczuk coins a new word ("ognosia") now that we have "everything at our fingertips on our smartphone." / Words Without Borders

Pulled from its furniture names, Ikea Norway has opened a "name bank" for parents looking for baby-naming inspiration. / The Associated Press

A tour of Taschen's custom book stands, which the publisher produces as some of its editions are too large for other furniture. / Curbed

"It's exciting. You can see publishing changing." On the BookTok boom, and how it's inspiring another generation of readers. / The Guardian

"The model isn't going to fare well in a professional setting." What happens when you train artificial intelligence on 4chan. / Motherboard

Watch: A rehearsal video shows the control and athleticism of the Igor Moiseyev Ballet. / TMN

Here are 27 abandoned amusement parks you can visit around the world, not all haunted. / Atlas Obscura