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Headlines edition

Friday Headlines: So sensible, so exploding.

The GOP’s new tax bill is both a “sensible framework” and a “deficit-exploding tax cut” for corporations and the wealthy. Here’s what it means for different income brackets.

Democrats have been spreading lies about the tax plan on social media, when most families making under $86k will get a tax cut, not a tax hike.

Video: Trevor Noah makes a good point, that Mr. Trump and Fox News immediately politicize terrorist events except when they involve guns or neo-Nazis.

On his or her last day at work, a Twitter employee deleted Trump’s account.

Macron lifts France's state of emergency, but also makes permanent some old colonialist powers of repression.

Last May, Russia used Facebook to create a face-off in Houston between two sets of protesters.

“Various Soviet and communist sources have funded agitation around the world for many decades. Those nefarious activities used a variety of cooperating Western suppliers, including delivery trucks, publishers, paper makers and much more, but we don’t regard those businesses as sinister.” Tyler Cowen suggests we shouldn’t blame Facebook for the fact that we’re dummies who are easily duped.

The Bank of Japan’s Governor says he can outsmart any computer programs that are tracking his facial gestures for policy clues.

It's unlikely that technology limits will stop facial recognition from hindering freedoms of speech and assembly.

An NPR reporter grills her CEO about their sexual-harassment firing, including about why they got scooped.

Alec Baldwin, buddy of “Jimmy” Toback and a freshly admitted longtime sexist, would like to see a change in Hollywood workplace culture because all of these allegations of sexual harassment are making showbiz “less productive.”

The EPA’s new science appointee says ozone regulations aren't necessary because Americans spend most of their time indoors.

A large survey of scientists finds that more than half have tried and failed to reproduce their own experiments.

Haribo gummy bears are made with carnauba wax, which is made by workers treated "worse than animals."

Contemporary objects are full of "skeuomorphisms"—design features that offer no function.

Interview with an artist who collects photographs of mirrors that people are trying to sell on Craigslist.

Los Angeles may have lost the World Series, but "Dodger blue" is permanently coded into the internet.

When baseball history is American history: why the Dodgers haven't always been welcome in Chavez Ravine.

“By the time you are standing in front of a room, the amount of work you have done is the exact right amount of work.” You don’t have to be an academic economist to appreciate the advice in “Public Speaking for Academic Economists.”