Headlines edition

Friday headlines: So special.

Ethiopia and Eritrea declare an end to 20 years of conflict after "an impressive combined effort by the international community."

The Director of National Intelligence expresses mild surprise at news that Putin is coming to America just in time for this year’s midterms. The White House promptly says he’s “gone rogue.”

Most states have failed to fix their election systems’ most glaring security weaknesses.

"Presidentialization" is when a country’s politics, on all levels, become dominated by presidential politics.

Former White House communications director Scaramucci says Republicans love Trump because “these are low-information, emotional voters, and they like what they see.”

Weeks before his inauguration, Trump was shown classified intelligence that Putin himself ordered the election hacked.

Is Trump a Russian pawn? Quick tests of various theories show: probably not.

Following a recent trip by Republican lawmakers to Moscow—controversial for a number of reasons—another trip is scheduled soon.

A good article explains how—whenever we exit the Trump years—restoring America’s soft power won’t be easy.

Libertarians use the adultery website Ashley Madison the most, Democrats the least.

Republicans said Trump’s tax cut would benefit workers. Instead, wages have fallen and shareholders are richer.

Estimates show that marijuana legalization leads to an average six percent increase in housing values.

Your weekly white paper: A study finds that exaggerated stories foster more closeness between people than honesty.

Who could I have been if I didn’t try so hard to pass? I’ll never know, but stripping provided a portal to who I might be without fear of rejection – a rare glimpse of the affectionate, brash, and funky edges of personality. Notes from the life of an autistic stripper.

A personal take on the feminist history of food journalism.

An artist takes balloon animals to a whole new level in New York.

American mountaineering culture is generally closed and judgmental. Climbers of Color is trying to change that.

A Polish charity got a massive phone bill after somebody stripped a sim card off a stork it was tracking.