Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Spring forward, fall apart.

"Roughly five million Americans would be willing to kill someone to achieve a political purpose, according to a new UC Davis study." / Los Angeles Times

Qatar has been preparing for the World Cup for over a decade, in which time thousands of migrants working on the project have died, many from heat-related conditions. / TIME

Scientists have found a way to target "undraggable" proteins used by tumors to grow out of control—a goal that has eluded researchers for 30 years. / University of Chicago

Assessing the vulnerability of a set of subsea cables in the Red Sea, a concentrated route that about 17% of the world's internet traffic depends upon. / WIRED

An animated explanation of how daylight savings time fucks up your internal clock. / The Washington Post

"Researchers 'feed' leftover coffee grounds to microalgae to produce low emission biodiesel." / ScienceDaily

Folgers hopes to be cool by marketing itself as uncool. / NPR

See also: The history of OK Soda. / MeTV

For nearly a year, a man allegedly posed as a Stanford student, living in the dorms and updating his social media to claim he was attending the university. / BuzzFeed News

The Met's deal to periodically trade antiquities with Greece does not equal—as news headlines might have you believe—true repatriation. / Hyperallergic

"It sounded natural, organic and of the earth and womb." Musicians and writers on the moment they fell in love with Ornette Coleman. / The New York Times

Generated through AI, a never-ending conversation between Werner Herzog and Slavoj Žižek. / Infinite Conversation

See also: The private diaries of Werner Herzog. / The Morning News

The special effects designer behind Heidi Klum's worm costume explains how this "big demented nightmare Muppet" was made. / BuzzFeed News

"What does it mean to appear, repeatedly, in the New York Times—if only as trivia?" Why I started writing crossword puzzles. / Catapult