Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Strike that, reverse it.

The White House says Iranian military experts are on the ground in Crimea, helping Russia launch drone attacks on Ukraine. / BBC News

Liz Truss entered the role of PM amid economic uncertainty—now her resignation has compounded the challenges facing Britain. / The New York Times

Related: Among the possible candidates to replace Truss: Boris Johnson and, sure why not, Theresa May. / CNN

The CDC has recommended Covid shots become part of routine immunization schedules for Americans—though any mandates would fall under state jurisdiction. / Politico

"All five lawmakers who've held [Oregon's 5th District] seat over the past 40 years have gotten divorced while in office." / The Washington Post

US home purchases fall to a 15-year low—but prices haven't lowered since inventory remains tight. Or perhaps because of the latter, the former is true. Or vice versa. / Quartz

See also: The algorithm that's driving sky-high rental prices across the US. / ProPublica

"Over half of Airbnb's current listings have been added since 2020." / @Jamie_Lane

In a surprise rejection, Supreme Court Justice Barrett has denied a request to halt Biden's student loan forgiveness program. / NBC News

"By making it our own, the idea becomes a lot less frightening." Eliza Brooke on the battle between spookiness and actual scariness. / Dirt

A trip to the home museum of Edward Gorey. / Atlas Obscura

See also: From 2011, A.N. Devers on the coats of Edward Gorey. / The Paris Review

A fascinating, interactive explanation of how sound works. / Bartosz Ciechanowski

"I knew that dyeing my hair would be broadcasting a message to others—the gay equivalent of an anxious dog wearing one of those 'Please give me space' vests." / BuzzFeed News