Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Stuck with a golden toilet.

President Trump ordered special counsel Robert Mueller fired back in June, but he backpedaled after White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign.

Here are five takeaways from the Mueller-firing news and lots of Beltway Twitter chatter.

“There are good reasons to be critical of how Comey handled the Clinton email investigation. But Comey as director was very, very far from being a Hoover, Pat Gray, or William Sessions.” A simple explanation for why Congress set a 10-year term for the Director of the FBI.

When Trump said recently that he’d speak to Mueller, his supporters jumped on Fox News—talking to an audience of one—to deter him.

Thirty-five new bilateral and regional trade pacts are under consideration around the world. The US is part of only one of them.

Not once has the US military cut funding—as required by law—to an Afghan commander for keeping child sex slaves.

Video: The US military once stored down sleeping bags in waterproof sardine tins for use in emergency situations.

Professional tennis has an alt-right moment after the media realized a breakout star thought Pizzagate was real.

Jia Tolentino on why so many people fear the potential overreach of the #MeToo movement, but no one seems to be worried about potential underreach.

Netflix nixed its rating system because people used the stars to measure their impression of a film, not their enjoyment of it.

Japan is the Asian country least appealing for foreign talent—too long hours, too little English, too inflexible.

Some goofy maps—aka, "anthropomorphic cartography"—drawn by a 15-year-old woman in the 1860s.

New schools no longer include lockers in their designs, and existing schools no longer use them.

“Make sure your kids know that if they see something they can’t handle, you want them to feel as though they can talk to you about it without you throwing a fit because you didn’t want them to know about, I don’t know, vore. They will find out about vore.” Nicole Cliffe starts a parenting column and it’s good.

Obituary for Mary Lee Berners-Lee, who programmed the first computer sold commercially and "grandmothered" the web.