Headlines y'all

Friday headlines: Take down a leg or two

The weather phenomenon La Niña has formed for the third consecutive year in the Pacific. / BBC News

What La Niña is, how it forms, and why it poses a $1 trillion problem for homes and businesses. / Bloomberg

The White House wants to develop 15 gigawatts of new floating offshore wind power capacity by 2035. / CNN

Dutch students design a new car that captures more carbon than it emits. / Reuters

See also: Winners of this year's Innovation by Design Awards. / FastCompany

Some images of luxury fortified bunkers being flogged to the ultra-rich on spec. / Architectural Digest Middle East

A desire to easily afford material goods is driving 45% of Gen Z to achieve financial success. / Fortune

ADHD diagnoses spike among adult women, previously diagnosed as low self-esteem, depression, or anxiety. / Harper's Bazaar

Hundreds of men in the US are undergoing leg-lengthening surgery, adding three inches to their height. / GQ

Unrelated: Interview with the self-proclaimed "last man standing" in the floppy disk business. / Eye on Design

What it's like to run the John Muir Trail—211 miles at altitude in the Sierra Nevada, normally hiked over two weeks—in three days. / Backpacker Magazine

Notes from an eight-week hunt for John Milton's personal library. "In the end, I found very little." / Centre for Material Texts

See also: Tips on how to identify a genuine Winnie the Pooh quote. / Dirt