Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: That Wolfgang Puck sound.

Together, Florida and Texas represent 70 Electoral College votes. This week, Republicans in both states have passed—or are ready to pass—new voting restrictions. / The New York Times

Related: A breakout of the limits included in each state's bill. / Wake Up to Politics

A postmortem on Bernie Sanders' brief primary lead reveals the forces of reaction—and the need for mass organization on the left. / The Baffler

Police are purchasing "vehicle forensics kits" to access data stored in cars, including information synced from smartphones. / The Intercept

A motorcycle airbag vest company's subscription payment option prevents the vest from inflating if payments don't go through. / VICE

"It's funky fonts. It's the closing sequence for any romantic comedy filmed between 1988-1993." On Spago Rock. / The Melt

Health researchers think getting different Covid vaccines for your first and second doses might produce a better immune response. / NPR

A new analysis of Covid numbers suggests more than twice as many people have died from the virus than previously reported. / STAT

Using sewage sampling robots, researchers may be able to predict Covid outbreaks a week in advance. / The Scientist

Effectively shut down during the pandemic, some night clubs have temporarily converted into exhibition spaces. / The Guardian

See also: A fascinating, in-depth look at the history of art in the Oval Office, an "ultra-high-profile rotating exhibition space." / The New York Times

"That just really hit me in a way that it hadn't before: People could literally die if we did our jobs wrong." The Covid reporters are not OK. / Study Hall

How the Everest base camp is trying to prevent a Covid outbreak amid one of its busiest climbing seasons. / The Washington Post

A giant sequoia tree in Northern California is still smoldering from the 2020 Castle Fire, showing how dry the area is. / The Fresno Bee

A 78,000-year-old girl discovered near Kenya's coast is the oldest human burial found in Africa. / Science News

Photos of the "orchestrated beauty" of American funeral homes, by Rachel Cox. / Booooooom

See also: America's funeral parlors rely on one man to provide the theme music for memorial services. / The Morning News