Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: The 25th

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to the UN’s World Food Program for its efforts to combat a surge in global hunger amid the coronavirus pandemic. / The New York Times

Most of the infections faced by our ancestors are still with us. A review of how other pandemics came to an end. / BBC News

Some 171 countries are teaming up for a Covid-19 vaccine (though not the US). / Vox

The importance of protecting those with "hidden disabilities" is getting lost in the Covid conversations. / STAT

Nearly a third of hospitalized COVID-19 patients experienced some type of altered mental function. / The New York Times

Months later, many patients report feeling “brain fog.” / The Guardian

Trump has a coughing fit while talking to Sean Hannity and dodges questions about when he was last tested for Covid. He plans to hold a rally in Florida tomorrow. / The Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian

Trump's decision to walk away from the next presidential debate throws the future of any more debates into question. / CNN

The FBI thwarts a plot to abduct and overthrow Michigan's Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Whitmer blames Trump’s calls to “liberate Michigan” (like so). / BBC News, Newsweek, Twitter

See also: “Cellphones in hand, 'Army for Trump' readies poll watching operation.” / Reuters

Jeffrey Toobin: “Trump called for Barack Obama and Joe Biden to be indicted and prosecuted. Have our standards fallen so far that this kind of antidemocratic authoritarian behavior passes without criticism?” / Twitter

At the same time, the speaker of the House is publicly talking about invoking the 25th Amendment. / The Associated Press

Biden's appeal can be summed up in a single moment, when his wife pulled him back after he got too close to reporters. / The Washington Post

Nancy Pelosi and Steven Mnuchin resume talks about the prospect of striking a broad coronavirus stimulus deal. / CNBC

Reports from around the country show enrollment declines in dozens of school districts across 20 states. / NPR

Pandemic parenting is really hard. The new show Raised by Wolves, featuring a pair of android parents, offers something to aspire to. / The New Yorker

Related: Heather Havrilesky’s “Are You Aging Correctly?” / The Cut

Some pretty good work (and workplace) advice from Spotify founder Daniel Ek. / The Observer Effect

Cole-Haan and Slack collaborated on a shoe. No comment. / Quartz