Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: The big shrug

The CDC says people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 can safely participate in indoor and outdoor activities without a mask. Meanwhile, Singapore re-imposes Covid curbs. / STAT, Reuters

“Is it OK to ask someone for proof of vaccination status?” “Is oral sex more Covid-safe than kissing?” And other questions to guide the horny summer. / The Guardian

South Korean couples in their 20s and 30s are giving each other "stock gift cards" with shares in Apple and Tesla. / Insider

The Japanese motorcyclist who found fame by posing as a young woman discovers even more fans by being honest. / The Washington Post

See also: The time you faked a British accent for 12 years. / Reddit

Some good analysis of the GOP’s surreal split over Trump and the insurrection, which is now being likened to “a normal tourist visit.” / The Washington Post

Anti-vaccine advocates are said to be causing “a misinformation epidemic” among online mom groups. In fact, most anti-vax disinformation comes from 12 people. / Mother Jones, NPR

Mom jeans are the trend for Gen Z, but skinny jeans still have the largest market share at 34% of total sales. / ModernRetail

What was "crossing?" Purportedly a 19th-century medical treatment, perhaps fictional, of taking sick people to the zoo. / Futility Closet

For millions of years, the western U.S. was occupied by a vast inland sea, and ancient mammals took beach walks in Wyoming. / Gizmodo

Fire season looms as drought-stricken Western states head for a water crisis. / The Conversation

Los Angeles is experiencing 24 fires per day related to homelessness, 54% of all fires the LAFD responds to. / The Los Angeles Times

See also: The story of rising rapper Pop Smoke, an ill-fated Instagram post “and a killing in the Hollywood Hills.” / The Los Angeles Times

Reading a trail of police reports to find the killer of rapper Mac Dre. / Passion of the Weiss

If a UFO lands in Oregon tomorrow, considering all of the alien-related news, what would be the outcome? Most likely a big shrug. / The New York Times

A montage of electron microscope images of tiny space spherules found in Norway. / The Morning News

“The Game” is the idea of turning social media prowess into making millions—in which case, Elon Musk is Neo. / Not Boring

Interview with finance memelord Litquidity Capital, who recently quit banking to enlarge his following from "the Brads and Chads." / New York Magazine

That Chad life? Yellowstone National Park is investigating a rogue golfer. / Montana Right Now