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Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: The burning cheeks

What happened when the United States’ emergency aid money ran out: eight million people entered poverty. / The New York Times

Public health officers across the country rush to plan for the distribution of a coronavirus vaccine. / NPR

How the CDC was felled by a virus, the president, and “the capitulation of its own leaders.” / ProPublic

Dr. Fauci says Americans may have to “bite the bullet” on large gatherings for Thanksgiving this year. / CBS News

Here is a $275 roast chicken from one of the world's best restaurants (when sold as a meal kit). / Bloomberg

Savannah Guthrie gives Trump one of the toughest grillings he has faced in his presidency, with questions about white supremacy, taxes, and Covid-19 deaths. / The Washington Post

Senator Ben Sasse, the Nebraska Republican, says Trump offends voters so broadly he may cause a “Republican blood bath” in the Senate. / The New York Times

See also: Five ways Trump can still win. / BBC News

One possible scenario: Trump will never concede, but he’ll leave the White House happily (perhaps with a self-pardon) because it’s his most lucrative path. / NPR, The Atlantic

Kyrgyzstan’s president says he’s quitting to avoid bloodshed. It’s the third time in 15 years “that a leader of the Central Asian country has been ousted by a popular uprising.” / The Associated Press

Two months since the beginning of immense protests, the Belarusian government and protesters have reached a stalemate. / The Ballot

Young Nigerians are protesting across the country against rampant police brutality. / Quartz

Boris Johnson says to prepare for a no-trade deal Brexit in 10 weeks. / Reuters

Headline of the week? “Brazilian police catch senator hiding cash between his buttcheeks, source says.” / Reuters

Another contender: “One word creates ownership fishhook in Wellington anarchist fire house.” / Stuff

For folks in the United States, today is the last day to complete the census. / The US Census Bureau

The musical heritage of the US is full of hate. The famed Dust-to-Digital record label—and its fans—are struggling to address it. / The New York Times

“Grocery Store,” a collaborative musical created on TikTok. / Twitter