Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: The customer is always wrong.

With ICUs around the state filling up, California will issue its strictest stay-at-home order since the beginning of the pandemic. / The Guardian

Despite locals' entreaties, tourists continue flocking to West Texas—a virus hot spot that's running out of hospital beds. / The Texas Tribune

While US air travel over Thanksgiving was much lower compared to last year, vehicle travel was only about 5% less than in 2019. / Associated Press

Input your age, location, and health risks to find your place in the Covid-19 vaccine line. / The New York Times

Because rich countries are hoarding the vaccines, low-risk people in the US will probably be immunized before high-risk people in disadvantaged nations. / NPR

Cyberattackers have been attempting to access information on the entire cold-chain process for Covid-19 vaccines. / The Verge

"He died with Covid-19, and his final days were harder, scarier, and lonelier than necessary. He was not surrounded by friends and family." An obituary for Marvin Farr, who died this week from Covid-19. / Price & Sons Funeral Homes

Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads is collecting anonymous pandemic stories submitted by Instagram users around the world. / Legal Nomads

A thread on popular sayings that simply aren't true—e.g., "Hard work never killed anyone." / Reddit

"I was sharpening and sharpening until, you know, I also sharpened my fingertip." Chefs describe their worst on-the-job injuries. / VICE

"Nature always strikes back, and it is already doing so with growing force and fury." The UN lays out the state of climate change. / The Washington Post

Twitter's warning labels need to go a lot further when applied to Trump's lies. / BuzzFeed News

Gout has long been associated with the vices of powerful men. But now it's a global phenomenon, no longer confined to the rich. / The New York Times Style Magazine

On the evolution of the walking taco, which Alice Waters called "as perfect a symbol of a broken culture as I can imagine." / Heavy Table

A fascinating virtual walk marries the past and present of New York's Chinatown. / The New York Times

How cotton-candy machines can be used to produce N95-quality material for facemasks. / Boing Boing

The FDA has cleared a new device that uses an Apple Watch to interrupt PTSD-related nightmares without waking the wearer. / WIRED

"The core was always physical, male violence." Connecting the dots between bro culture and chivalry. / Patrick Wyman

An AI-powered poetry composer uses classic American poets to fuel its verse. / Verse by Verse

This is what stir crazy looks like: the top 100 TikToks of 2020. / TikTok

Looney Tunes backgrounds. / This Isn't Happiness