Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: The forest for the trees.

New York state now has more cases of the coronavirus than any other country in the world.

Boris Johnson has left intensive care, but remains under observation.

The US unemployment rate is currently 13%, the highest since the Great Depression.

A landlord trade organization says 69% of tenants were able to pay rent in full or in part this month, compared to 81% in March.

It's as if “the economy as a whole has fallen into some sudden black hole.”

The White House wants to reopen much of the US next month, and Trump claims widespread testing isn't necessary to do so, contradicting health experts.

Medical intelligence on an outbreak in Wuhan with "cataclysmic" potential reached the White House in November.

"TRUMP: Let’s get started. Lots of death. Hydroxychloroquine. Ratings. I am a doctor." Dave Eggers, "White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing."

Fauci: Antibody tests could be available within "a week or so" and coronavirus immunity certificates for Americans are "being discussed."

COVID-19 research papers are doubling every 14 days.

US labs say they're nowhere near running as many COVID-19 tests as they could, and blame a lack of infrastructure.

At least 5,400 healthcare workers around the US have now been infected by COVID-19.

See which regions' hospitals are most at risk of becoming overwhelmed if the COVID-19 outbreak grows in the US.

Neighboring states Kentucky and Tennessee have approached quarantine very differently—and it shows in the infection rates.

Prescriptions are surging, but pharmacists at Walgreens and CVS aren't being provided with adequate protective gear, and many can't afford to stay home if they're sick.

“I wore a mask and obviously washed my hands. Throughout the trip, I went to maybe 10 Walmarts.” An interview with someone who lost his job due to the pandemic, and is now buying and reselling Nintendo Switches to make ends meet.

Instacart shoppers report that customers are now baiting them with hefty tips, then changing their tips to $0 after delivery.

"It's literally a life-or-death situation." Especially at risk from the current lack of grocery options: those with food allergies.

Jared Kushner is now so equated with skinny suits that it's time fashion declares the death of that silhouette.

Photos from lower Manhattan as COVID-19 hit, by Dina Litovsky.

Scientists warn against thinking of all trees as equally helpful in global cooling; it's about forests, and how trees cooperate.

Less air pollution—and lawn cutting—during quarantine could mean an abundance of wildflowers.

"Eventually, those square feet become acres of important habitat." How Jeff VanderMeer is rewilding his lawn.

To kill time during quarantine, a Portland, Ore., auto shop is holding a puppet-show contest. ("Extra points for pyrotechnics.")

Here is the 1963 modernist home that was torn down for Drake's 50,000-square-foot mega-mansion.

Slide photography from midcentury Manhattan, by Saul Leiter.

A four-and-a-half-hour presentation on whether the Beatles wrote their own songs.