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Headlines edition

Friday headlines: The Godfather: Endgame

Japan plans to relax its border control measures after two years of lockdown, though not for tourists. / The Guardian

Hong Kong, sticking to its "zero Covid" ambitions, identifies more than 20,000 hotel rooms for quarantine accommodation. / US News & World Report

Some evolutionary scenarios for the future of SARS-CoV-2. / STAT

Why were scientists so slow to study Covid-19 vaccines and menstruation? "There's both room and reason to improve how we assess menstrual side effects of new pharmaceuticals." / Vox

With Australia's lack of affordable housing, some seniors turn to full-time house-sitting. "Where would we live otherwise?" / The Conversation

Watch: A small Norwegian city is dwarfed by visiting cruise ships. / Kottke

Coastal big cities continue to lead the market for knowledge and creative workers, but more affordable places are making considerable strides. / Bloomberg CityLab

A study finds elk in Utah moving off public land during hunting season—where they can't be shot—and back again when the guns go down. /

Montana's Fish and Wildlife Commission issues roughly 1,000 roadkill-salvage permits each year. / The Economist 

See also: How snow is handled in Montreal. / The Prepared

Heavy social media users are two to three times more likely to be depressed than nonusers. / The Washington Post

When our dreams are made of the images we see online, the same dreams can become memes. / The New Inquiry

Unrelated: In mid-century New Orleans, holiday parties for blind people were racially segregated. / Futility Closet

Francis Ford Coppola is betting $100 million of his own money on a movie he can't explain. / GQ

How to make no-knead bread with Gatorade. "Pretty much everyone had a positive opinion about it." / Food Is Stupid