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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: The phantom hallway.

In March, US authorities took 172,331 migrants into custody at the Mexico border—the most people in nearly two decades, including a record number of unaccompanied minors. / The Washington Post

Biden announces steps to curb gun violence, including regulations on untraceable guns and allowing law enforcement to remove guns from at-risk people. / The Guardian

One person is dead and five others were injured in a shooting rampage yesterday in Bryan, Texas. / CBS News

Gov. Abbott started yesterday tweeting that he wanted to make Texas a sanctuary state for gun ownership, and ended the day tweeting condolences to victims of a mass shooting. / Twitter

France will now recommend that people who've received the first AstraZeneca dose receive a second dose of a different vaccine. / Reuters

"The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is very good at a devilish trick: Several of its genes encode proteins that seem capable of blocking interferons." / The Atlantic

A free cookbook that's designed to inspire people with Covid-related taste or smell loss. / VICE

Ikea continues its sustainability goals—after decades of littering the planet with disposable furniture—with a cookbook for leftovers. / Ikea

See also: The Ikea walkthrough. / The Morning News

"I'm not going to open until we can do at least 75% capacity. It is impossible to do so financially." Independent music venues on surviving the pandemic. / Pitchfork

Prince Philip has died at 99. / BBC

YouTube advertising's blocklist for hate-related terms omits many slogans and phrases associated with white supremacy. / The Markup

A diagram of the Seinfeld set shows Jerry's hallway can't exist. / Esquire

The five deadliest US national parks, and how to stay safe if you visit. / Outside

Service-y, but still appealing: "Instead of immediately grabbing your phone when you wake up, try a sound bath." / The Guardian

A ride inside a human-size replica train car, with footage from a model train superimposed on the window. / The Verge