Headlines, what?!

Friday headlines: The sound of drawing (to a close).

The FBI arrests longtime Trump aide and confidant Roger Stone after being indicted for allegations he lied to and obstructed the House Intelligence Committee's investigation.

A US District Judge revokes Paul Manafort’s bail to prevent him from contacting witnesses.

Here’s everyone who’s been charged in investigations related to helping elect our sitting president.

A Republican senator blames the government shutdown on Mitch McConnell; McConnell blames the shutdown on the White House.

Trump suggests that unpaid federal workers can go ask grocery stores for free food.

Thanks to the shutdown, union leaders for air traffic controllers, pilots, and flight attendants say air safety “is deteriorating by the day.”

Our new cold war with China will only get worse for the lack of trust on both sides.

Makeup companies, noting the success of “athleisure,” introduce cosmetic collections for wearing to the gym.

Fifty-five percent of US plastic surgeons in 2017 said their patients’ motivation was to look better in selfies.

After Harvey Weinstein, many thought director Bryan Singer would be the next to fall. A massive story in the Atlantic may make it so.

What a building boom going bust looks like in Turkey.

Seventeen records were just broken across Australia, including the hottest temperature recording since records began 80 years ago.

The 10-Year Challenge's best application may be to demonstrate climate change.

Volunteers face jail time in Arizona after leaving water bottles in the desert for migrants to find.

"He was always working. Just work, work, work." A touching tribute to an immigrant grandfather.

A profile of Cuco explains how a kid goes from SoCal goofball to an unsigned star in the music business.

Hans-Jürgen Topf, "the world’s top specialist for tour laundry," regularly spends afternoons ironing rock stars' shirts.

in California, Baby Boomers spend 53% more on legal marijuana than Gen Z consumers.

Waiters and bartenders find solace in creating memes about their miserable jobs.

Cognitive scientists say the world is getting WEIRDer—more like people from Western, educated, industrialized, rich, democratic societies.

Electrical engineers develop an algorithm so that digital cameras can see around corners without any special equipment.

The most boring interesting video you'll see today: a real-time illustration of light traveling from Earth to Mars.

Winner of the 2018 Kokuyo Design Award: "The Sound of Drawing," a pencil that amplifies the friction it makes with paper.