Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: The thing with feathers.

The CDC now recommends the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines over J&J, citing blood-clotting concerns. / NBC News

One reason omicron is spreading so much quicker than delta: It multiplies about 70 times faster inside the respiratory tract. / Goats and Soda

In 2020, due to the pandemic, the FDA relaxed risk evaluation restrictions on mailing abortion pills. That change is now permanent. / BuzzFeed News

A federal judge has overturned the settlement that shielded the Sackler family from future lawsuits. / Reuters

"In a first for humanity, a manmade spacecraft has kissed the Sun." It happened in April, but it took months to determine the probe had, in fact, done it. / Inverse

Legendary jazz pianist and educator Barry Harris, one of the last of the bebop movement, has died at 91. / The New York Times

Researchers find a correlation between Logic's song referencing the Suicide Prevention Lifeline and a reduction in US suicides. / The Guardian

An album of birdsongs from Australia's most threatened bird species has debuted near the top of the country's charts. Listen to a track here. / BBC News, The Morning News

In an analysis of search-engine results, Russia's Yandex serves up the most conspiracy theories. Yahoo doesn't fare much better. / Input

Convincing the world's richest countries to compensate those hurt by climate change is a difficult—but vital—conversation. / WIRED

Mexico may have just held its last major bullfight, with new legislation under consideration to ban the sport in Mexico City. / The Washington Post

"South Korea's biggest dairy brand has been forced to apologise over an advert depicting women as cows." / BBC News

How broken is the supply chain? Companies are now trying to prioritize holiday shipping over late Halloween costumes. / American Shipper

"My plum photo is constantly popping up in small-to-medium brand feeds." A photographer asks why Instagram allows image theft. / Hyperallergic

If you think car headlights are too bright, you're not alone. And the good news is that US lawmakers might do something about it. / Discourse Blog

In the early 20th century, a jeweler invented a left-handed watch with the hours reversed and that ran from right to left. / Futility Closet

Watch: A type studio creates a yule log video using wooden letterforms. / The Morning News, It's Nice That

How to drink your Christmas tree. / Gastro Obscura