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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: The times they are a-telling.

Belarus has relocated the refugees and migrants from its border with Poland. Of those who were stuck at the border, hundreds are Iraqis who have now flown home. / Al Jazeera, Associated Press

The man who shot and killed Ahmaud Arbery admits Arbery did not threaten him, despite claiming he acted in self defense. / CBS News

"What they forgot about was people." To fix the continent, North American leaders need to stop focusing on goods and markets. / Foreign Policy

The once pro-market-at-any-cost Federalist Society has now decided that corporations are the enemy. / Vox

Of Harvard's white students, 43% are recruited athletes, legacies, the children of donors, or the children of faculty and staff. / The Guardian

"The suburban school is an imagined space that invites an unhealthy amount of hyperbole, misinterpretation, and fear." / The New York Times

The FTC intends to crack down on publications that require people to call to cancel their subscriptions. / Nieman Journalism Lab

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More than 200 musicians are protesting venues' use of Amazon palm scanners, citing concerns about biometric data collection. / Pitchfork

See also: There's no good reason for Starbucks to use Amazon's palm-scanning tech. / Input

Peloton's "high five" feature has brought harassment from the gym into the home. / InsideHook

"I'm 10 hours into Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and I've already knit an entire hat." On overlong video-game cutscenes. / WIRED

Watch: Eight uncut hours of David Bowie's final public appearance as Ziggy Stardust in The 1980 Floor Show, his televised rock musical from November 1973. / Boing Boing

An interactive timeline of asteroids that have passed between the Moon and the Earth. / The Planetary Society

Precise, geometric paintings of buildings in various cities, by Bianca Wilson. / Booooooom

A brilliant reverse-lookup dictionary. (Not unlike the Word Menu, IYKYK.) / OneLook