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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: The unbearable rightness of fact-checking.

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All of Florida is under a state of emergency with Hurricane Dorian potentially arriving as a Category 4 storm on Monday.

We read hurricane maps as predictions, but they're really averages—a misinterpretation that gives those in harm's way an unfounded sense of safety.

On America hacking the Iranian military earlier this summer, and whether doing so revealed too much about the US's cyberattack capabilities.

According to a new CDC report, nearly 900 cases of mumps have been reported in adult immigrants at US detention centers since September of last year.

As more US tariffs on Chinese goods go into effect on Sunday, the two nations prepare for another round of negotiations next month.

For journalists tasked with fact-checking Trump, it can seem like a futile exercise, but it's necessary work.

Visualizing the deciding power of a single vote in a US presidential election.

A large study has found that while genetics contribute to same-sex sexual behavior, there is no specific "gay gene."

Stone tools unearthed in Idaho suggest the first Americans came from Japan, where similar artifacts have been found.

“You have a serious nuclear winter, you have a major supervolcano, an asteroid strike where you’re looking at significantly reduced temperatures for a long period of time—you’re going to run out of food just like everyone else.” A new book explores ways humanity could go extinct.

Photos of the backs of desert road signs, by Arch McLeish.

Our current era of fast fashion may be ending, as Forever 21 is likely to enter bankruptcy, following news that H&M and Zara are closing stores in order to stay afloat. It may be an effect of the boom in clothing rental.

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A tour of The Vault, Steinway's private showroom where pianos start at $200,000.

Publishers Weekly managing editor Dan Berchenko's flowchart for how to correctly capitalize a headline.

A survey tries to determine where the "Midwest" of the US really is.

Using machine learning to create photorealistic emoji results in images that are both fun and disturbing. But mostly disturbing.

Sellers are hijacking abandoned AmazonBasics product pages—which garner heavy visibility on the site—to sell their own goods.

Chill pics: Soothing curbside settings photographed by George Byrne.

The 2019 US fall foliage prediction map.