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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: The understory.

A new Trump proposal would allow federally contracted businesses to use religious objections as a means of discriminating against workers based on nearly anything.

Following reports that Trump repeatedly asked his staff about buying Greenland from Denmark, Greenland responds that it's "not for sale."

Greenlanders overwhelmingly report experiencing climate impacts. And they are very worried about their sled dogs.

See how climate change has affected the annual temperature in your county.

Microplastics have appeared nearly everywhere, now including one of the most uninhabited places on the planet: the Arctic.

A year after Texas struck down a plastic bag ban, littering is as bad as ever—and the bags are killing livestock.

A fantastic music video for Jimmy Stofer’s “The Trembling Giant,” which takes its name from an aspen grove of 47,000 trees in Utah that share a single root system.

Video: A comparison of average tree heights, from a keshitsubo (0.08 meters) to a sequoia (116 meters).

Ebola may now be treatable, but it will take a shift in public perception of government and outsiders to stop outbreaks.

Weekend must-read: A special issue of the New York Times Magazine, the 1619 Project, observes the 400th anniversary of American slavery. Here are three articles to get you started.

Accessibility and approachability put brand social media managers in the crosshairs of trolls' hate speech and death threats.

Research suggests that adding a gender-neutral pronoun to Swedish has changed how native speakers think about gender.

A list of the first books ever released by well-known publishing houses and imprints.

And I asked him what he wanted to be doing in 15 years: Do you want to be collecting money on your investments, or do you want to be in front of an audience? And he said he wanted to be in front of an audience, singing. Legendary music publicist Howard Bloom has good advice for big decisions.

Painted portraits of individuals with their faces obscured by origami-like geometric objects, by Silvia Idili.

A statistical explanation of why slugging and on-base percentage matter more in baseball than batting average.

Travel and technology plot points that will need to be updated for the Home Alone reboot.

Horchata is supposed to have rice milk—rather than dairy—but some restaurants are using evaporated milk for an easier, cheaper way to get a similar texture.

Photos of windowed Berlin interiors with views of the Black Sea subimposed in the background, by Levan Kiknavelidze.