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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: The Weathermen

Now that chief news curator Gen. Kelly chooses what information Trump does and doesn't see, right-wing sites worry their agendas won't reach the president.

Hurricane Harvey is strengthening, forecasted to reach Category 3, and expected to make landfall in Texas tonight or early tomorrow. Houston is stocking up on beer.

Here is the most beautiful visualization of Hurricane Harvey so far.

The White House wants to cut the NOAA’s satellite budgets—the same program making views of Harvey possible.

Warmer winters and a Reagan-era decision to axe CDC rodent control leave America "on the verge of Ratpocalypse."

A radio-show listener calls in with the story of the time his mother predicted a hurricane the BBC didn't.

Trump's military transgender ban is now a memo, still unsent, that would implement the plan in six months.

One job stat that's definitely up under Trump: volunteer legal notetakers at protests.

After a massive immigration influx stretches its government thin, Canada dims its welcoming tone somewhat.

Three years of war in Yemen have resulted in one of the worst humanitarian crises of the past 50 years.

“There’s been some talk in Kessler’s neighborhood about throwing a block party once he’s gone entirely, to bring people together and reestablish a sense of safety.” The neighbors of the white supremacist who organized the Charlottesville rally fear a backlash.

A recent history of the parents of longhaired sons who've fought Texas schools' grooming codes.

It's 2009 all over again, with Federer and Nadal back on top—it's because their second serves dominate.

Unlike UPS brown or Home Depot orange, trademark board rules consumers don't associate yellow with Cheerios.

“Tips go up two percentage points if a server writes ‘Thank You’ on the back of a patron’s check … and five points if a server touches a patron’s hand (though this last study was conducted only with female servers).” Behavioral scientists hold a cafe experiment to learn what makes you tip.

Alamo Drafthouse in Austin is having a clown-only screening of It, which, no.

After economic freedom, East German women orgasmed twice as often as their capitalist German counterparts.

“If the Broken Earth trilogy as a whole shows a world where cataclysm and upheaval is the norm, The Stone Sky interrogates what right worlds built on oppression and genocide have to exist.” Most of the time, a hero saves the world. We can’t wait to read NK Jemisin’s new book, which reverses that trope.

Scientists speculate about the existence of snowstorms on Mars and diamond rain on Neptune and Uranus.

From the archives: the best-named television weathermen.

Adding red seaweed to cows' diets reduces the methane content of their burps up to 99%.

Topi Tjukanov drew a map of North America using only its roads, and nothing else.