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Headlines edition

Friday headlines: This be madness

The United States and the European Union announce a landmark gas deal, in an attempt to cut Europe's reliance on Russian energy. / BBC News

US volunteers have been seen fighting on the frontlines in Ukraine. / The Guardian

See also: "Inside Ukraine's army of misfits, veterans, and war tourists in the fight against Russia." / Task & Purpose

Analysis of how Polish politics are being influenced by the fog of war next door. / The German Marshall Fund

The world's deadliest war is in Ethiopia, not in Ukraine, with estimates of half a million people killed so far. / Bloomberg

Pakistan's prime minister says he won't resign ahead of a no-confidence vote. / Al Jazeera

Text messages show Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice Thomas, urging the White House to pursue "unrelenting efforts" to overturn the 2020 election. / The Washington Post

In case you missed it, Jane Mayer's reporting on Thomas from January. Also, what are the perks of being a Supreme Court judge? / The New Yorker, Roll Call

Uber customers may soon be able to hail a New York City cab through its app. / Quartz

A new online tool explores more than 400,000 aerial shots of the UK from the last 100 years. / Historic England

Human brains comprehend symbols—geometry, basically—in ways unmatched by other primates or machine learning. / The New York Times

Few ancient paint palettes have been uncovered, but the ones we have teach us about painters' roles in ancient civilizations. / Hyperallergic

Emma Quackenbush: Orchestras are so reliant on tradition, they've become uniquely toxic workplace environments. / Van

A (gag) white paper says Dune will win the Best Picture Oscar based on its number of sneezes. / The Pudding