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Friday Headlines: This charming man

Our apologies for yesterday's interruption in service. The day job couldn't be tamed.

Fair use and transformative works just took a big hit with the Supreme Court's ruling against Warhol, who used photographer Lynn Goldsmith's work in a set of screen prints. / Hyperallergic

Related: "It is not just that the majority does not realize how much Warhol added; it is that the majority does not care." Kagan and Sotomayor's dueling opinions in the case. / ABA Journal

New legislation in the US would require EV carmakers to maintain AM radio compatibility, which many have dropped due to electromagnetic interference from their vehicles. / Quartz

Andy Rourke, former bassist for the Smiths, dies at 59. / Pitchfork

Related: Beyond the extraordinary stamina of "Barbarism Begins at Home," an appreciation of Andy Rourke's wonderful Smiths bass work. / YouTube, Far Out

When an album can be no. 1 one week and drop 83 spots the next, whatever meaning charts once bestowed doesn't add up to much anymore. / The Guardian

Audiobooks have turned into big—and lucrative—productions, lending star power to certain narrators, but without the compensation to match. / Los Angeles Review of Books

"I want to have a profound experience, but I also want to have fun." The view from LA's guerrilla book readings. /  Los Angeles Times

Montana's TikTok ban is vague, almost certainly unconstitutional, and doesn't actually do what it's intended to accomplish. / Quartz

Related: "The bill doesn't state...whether letting people access TikTok's rudimentary web interface would count as 'operating' within Montana." / The Verge

"The food can't just sit there. It must be as performative as the staff, if not more so." How food influencers are changing restaurants. / Grub Street

See also: "Maybe it's time we reconsider the word 'influence' in a digital world where anyone can offer an opinion." / Dirt

The first full-sized digital scan of the Titanic has incredibly detailed views of the ship and its surroundings—"including dozens of shoes resting on the sediment." / BBC News

Creators are using AI to generate images of a world where Western imperialism didn't happen. / Rest of World

"It turned out that Bach fugues were able to drown out the music in her head." On musical hallucinations. / The Paris Review

According to research, birdsongs appear to provide cognitive and physiological health benefits to humans—go listen to some now. / The Washington Post

See also: Your slow and sad descent into bird-watching. / The New Yorker