Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: This is the cabin you’re looking for

A new allegation accuses the President of the United States of sexual assault, increasing the tally to at least two dozen. / The Guardian

Related: Trump's former lawyer says Trump hit on his 15-year-old daughter in front of him. The daughter, Samantha Cohen, told her version to CNN earlier this week. / The Week

Stephen Colbert: “The news can be depressing these days, so take a mental wellness break from reading about how the president sexually assaulted someone to read about how he tried to use a heat ray against his own citizens.” / Twitter

If interested, the heat ray story. / CNN

Under André Balazs, employees say Los Angeles’s Chateau Marmont was run on “a perpetual state of racism and bias.” / The Hollywood Reporter

In multiple countries, a favorable view of the US is as low as it's been in two decades. / Pew Research Center

Everywhere in the US has its own climate risk for the next 20 years. Enter your county to find out what the crisis will mean for you. / The New York Times

A hundred letters sent through the US mail finds postal performance in summer 2020 was "spotty at best, dismal at worst." / The Los Angeles Times

Wondering what’s happened inside the CDC during the pandemic? Indications suggest political meddling to suit the White House. / The New York Times

An internal email shows the Trump administration scrapped a plan to send every American a mask back in April. / NBC News

Europe’s coronavirus situation is seeing “alarming rates of transmission across the region.” / BBC News

Over the weekend, a professional soccer team in Germany insisted on social distancing during a match. They lost 37-0. / ESPN

The (limited) data on COVID deaths and BMI so far suggest we could end up seeing a lower risk of death among higher-weight people. / WIRED

Flight attendants and other airline workers have lower rates of COVID-19 than the general population. / Business Insider

For the first time since the Great Depression, the majority of 18- to 29-year-olds have moved back home. / Axios

A poll finds nearly 20 percent of Millennials and Gen Z in New York state feel Jewish people caused the Holocaust. / PR Newswire

Unrelated/related: A list of wellness industry figures that have "posted, shared, or explicitly created QAnon-related content." / Conspirituality

Research finds lockdown measures increased a trend in nostalgic music listening, peaking 60 days after policies were announced. / The Guardian

Black and white photos of the pandemic in northern Italy, by Roberto Graziano Moro. / designboom

From 1973, a meditative tour of public art in New York City. From 2013, a sailing trip from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. / The Morning News

Photos of a cabin built deep in Japan's Gokayama mountains, constructed with a crowdfunding campaign. / Spoon & Tamago