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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: This time it’s different.

Buffalo police claimed an elderly protestor "tripped and fell" until a viral video proved they were lying.

Related: "That awful video in which a white person is getting their skull cracked by a cop? That happens to black people ALL THE TIME."

Police may be killing fewer people in big cities, but they're killing more in suburban and rural America.

Why it matters that protests are happening in small towns: It means this time it's different.

Higher standards and better pay—and other ways to reform police departments, according to criminologists.

Police forces are predominantly white and male, and don't see discriminatory policing. Black and female officers disagree.

Today would have been Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday.

Nextdoor is tweeting messages of support for Black Lives Matter, while removing similar posts from its platform.

A roundup of misinformation about caches of bricks being placed—supposedly by police or protectors—around cities.

Listen: Ibram X. Kendi on how to be an antiracist.

Virginia Gov. Northam says he's taking steps to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee from Richmond's Monument Avenue.

Related: Why it’s the duty of every white American to burn a Confederate flag.

“I saw CBS reporter Dan Rather get punched by convention security on-camera, as Walter Cronkite sputtered in disbelief.” Drawing parallels between 1968 and our current moment.

The US Army posts a message reiterating its duty to protect the "right of the people peaceably to assemble."

Police seized hundreds of cloth face masks en route to cities to help protect demonstrators against the spread of COVID-19.

Some coronavirus testing centers are closing early or completely, citing safety concerns due to protests—except some of those centers aren't near the protests.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the US are now rising faster than ever—but spotty testing means we still don't have the full picture.

Surprising doctors, people with COVID-19 may experience debilitating symptoms for months.

Fanatic gamblers are flocking to Vegas casinos, which were allowed to reopen at 12:01 a.m. Thursday.

New jobless claims in the US are slowing, with 1.8 million people filing for benefits last week.

Telehealth in the US should be convenient for all, but it currently leaves out those with limited English or who don't have easy access to the internet.

Bipartisan legislation is coming from the Senate Intelligence Committee to strengthen whistleblower protections.

Photos of how bomb craters from World War II look today, by Henning Rogge.

Using laser mapping, archaeologists discover a previously unknown, 2,800-year-old Mayan structure.

Major publishers sue the Internet Archive's Open Library for copyright infringement.

The more an audience enjoys hearing music, the more their brain activity synchronizes to that of the performer.

A map of 222 fonts named after places in the United States.