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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Time has come today.

"Mailed pills are hard to police. That has not stopped [states] from trying." If Roe falls, abortion pills are the next target. / The Washington Post

Even though Louisiana has a trigger law to criminalize abortion if Roe is overturned, lawmakers are pursuing a bill to make abortion a crime of homicide. / USA Today

A "nonscalable" fence, similar to what was erected around the Capitol after Jan. 6, has been built outside the Supreme Court building. / NBC News

From January, a history of Congress's failure to codify abortion rights. / The 19th

US officials say American intelligence shared with Ukraine led to the killing of multiple Russian generals, as well as the sinking of Russia's flagship. / The New York Times, the Guardian

The US has now surpassed one million Covid deaths, and new estimates show 14.9 million excess deaths worldwide since the start of the pandemic. / NBC News, WHO

Due to clotting risks, the FDA says the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will only be available to adults who decline an mRNA vaccine. / STAT

The CDC purchased location data for tens of millions of phones to see whether people were complying with Covid lockdowns. / Motherboard

An animal-rights group used the Covid "lab leak" theory and right-wing anger in efforts to defund animal experiments. / BuzzFeed News

What it's like to purchase a marble bust for $35 at a Goodwill and learn it's a 2,000-year-old Roman sculpture looted during WWII. / KUT

A new paper theorizes the Big Bang created symmetrical universes where time is bi-directional—which could explain dark matter. / Popular Mechanics

A wonderful, interactive explanation of how mechanical watches work. / Bartosz Ciechanowski

This is amazing: A new Google font allows you to type your emoji. / Jennifer Daniel

Months after the Endor scenes in Empire Strikes Back were shot in a California forest in 1982, a logging company clear cut the entire area. / SFGATE

A pair of Icelandic artists placed a stolen, racist statue inside a DIY rocket ship in Reykjavík to symbolically launch it into space. / Hyperallergic

Swiss police seized 500 kilos of cocaine from a shipment of coffee sent to a Nespresso factory. / BBC News

Self-promotion in electronic music has become so overbearing that new DJs are turning to a tried-and-true art form: shitposting. / Resident Advisor

Embellished, heart-shaped fabric forms by Ema Shin honor women's lives and bodies. / Colossal