Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Turn that clown upside down

The US added 467,000 jobs in January despite the omicron variant surge. / The Washington Post

Shares of Facebook parent company Meta plunge in the biggest one-day decline for a stock in US history. / CNBC

Explainer: How Apple's push for privacy on the iPhone cost Meta $10 billion. / The Economist

Starbucks has around $1.6 billion in outstanding "stored value card liabilities." / Moneyness

Three more anonymous former Washington Football Team employees came forward with new allegations of sexual harassment. / Jezebel 

A visualization of the words used most often whenever women are mentioned in news headlines. / The Pudding

Beijing's Winter Olympics begin, but with China's closed-loop system around the Games, it's not clear who's watching. / Foreign Policy

Taliban fighters are no longer be allowed to carry weapons in amusement parks, in what appears to be "another effort by the country's new rulers to soften their image." / Reuters

When headlines scream 2022: "Dystopic TikTok Trend Demands Amazon Workers Dance for Surveillance Cameras." Or maybe "Shake Shack hooks up with DoorDash for chicken sandwich-themed dating site." / VICE, MarketingDive

See also: An auction house sells the negatives of two Charles Goldie photos as NFTs, then encourages the buyers to destroy the originals. / Hyperallergic

Photographs taken from a helicopter of salt ponds, sites where sea salt is produced, begin to resemble abstract art. / Tom Hegen

Alex Ross lists multiple reasons to abandon Spotify that have nothing to do with Joe Rogan. / The New Yorker

At least 27 Kansas towns have enacted free land programs since the late 1990s. The state still struggles to give away its land. / The Hustle

Michigan is financing a road said to be capable of wirelessly charging any electric cars driving on top of it. / Fox 2 Detroit

Related: The Netherlands will dismantle a historic bridge to deliver a giant yacht to Jeff Bezos. / Quartz

From October, a remembrance of Glurpo, the world's first (only?) underwater clown, who also ran for president of Texas. / Texas Monthly