Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Two years.

The Supreme Court will allow Texas's six-week abortion ban to remain in place, but has ruled abortion providers can sue over the law. / NPR, the 19th

See also: California releases a plan to become an abortion sanctuary should Roe be overturned. / Associated Press

This week marks two years since the first Covid cases in Wuhan. A look back at everything that's happened since. / Wake Up to Politics

A reckoning over public funding for religious institutions is coming soon. / Vox

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is removing the Sackler name from exhibit spaces. / Hyperallergic

Amsterdam offers cash to help local groups buy out businesses selling clogs and waffles to tourists. / Bloomberg CityLab

China says the US, UK, Australia, and Canada will "pay the price" for boycotting the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. / BBC

At least 54 people, many of them migrants from Central America, have died in a truck crash in Southern Mexico. / CNN

Robert Muggah: In a long overdue step, the UN Security Council may finally address climate security. / Foreign Policy

Legendary music critic Greg Tate has died at 64. / The New York Times

Remembering 19th-century's English passion for "Little Switzerlands," combining alpine kitsch with "the Romantic sublime." / Public Domain Review

Every song by Schubert ranked, from "the ouch, that's gotta hurt" to "the let's get drunk," to "the transcendent." / VAN Magazine

Who knew? The "Nation's Christmas Tree" is a 267-foot redwood in Sanger, Calif., having won the title in 1926. / Sanger District Chamber of Commerce

"From then on, our imps became more malicious." Interview with one of creators behind the map "Mythical Creatures in Europe." / Deep Baltic

"My favorite way to describe the organization is fighting lunacy with lunacy." Explaining the "Birds Aren't Real" conspiracy-theory parody. / The New York Times

By using memes to "poke fun at capitalism using the language of capitalism," catboys have become a symbol for the post-left. / Dazed

Devin Tomb: Reaching the age of the characters in Sex and the City, have I been taught to be single forever? / The Cut