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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Ukraine.

The Biden administration is investigating ways to train Ukrainian forces remotely, should the country fall to Russia—though it may not be legal, and may make the US a co-combatant. / Axios, Foregin Policy

"My internet went down, and I felt fear crawling in my guts. I had never felt this way before." A chilling dispatch from Kyiv. / The New York Times

See also: Photos from on the ground in Ukraine. / Task & Purpose

How the war in Ukraine could disturb nuclear and chemical waste, setting off environmental disasters atop everything else. / Motherboard

Related: Updated radiation data out of Chernobyl is not looking good, with large spikes and increasing levels near the sarcophagus. / @OAlexanderDK

The US has cut off Promsvyazbank, a bank with a long history of laundering money for Russia's oligarchs. / BuzzFeed News

See also: How Russia could use crypto to evade international sanctions. / Decrypt

"Biden meant what he said. These are sanctions designed not to sanction." / Adam Tooze

Earlier this week, US and UK cybersecurity agencies released statements that Russia has a new form of malware that infects firewalls. / WIRED

Ukraine's government is asking its hacker underground to help protect critical infrastructure and carry out cyberespionage. / Reuters

Bellingcat is documenting potential disinformation surrounding the invasion via this public spreadsheet. / Bellingcat, Google Sheets

"Our museum is evidence of Ukraine's fight for freedom. Of course I'm fearful." Museums in Ukraine are rushing to protect their collections. / The New York Times

Hours before the invasion was announced, a California research team noticed troops advancing on Google Maps, as part of a project analyzing images from space. / The Washington Post

Here are ongoing live updates on the invasion. / BBC

The Omicron effect: "The vaccination drive in the US is grinding to a halt, and demand has all but collapsed." / Associated Press

The CDC is expected to change its mask guidance based on local case levels. / STAT

Biden is set to nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. / CNN

"For a growing number of people, there's a bridge. And now some assholes want to knock it down." After so much progress, the next generation of trans people faces a hard future. / Defector

Accused of "profiting off suffering," the AP cancels its NFT sale of a video of migrants drifting in a boat in the Mediterranean. / The Guardian

News orgs are labeling old articles to warn readers of outdated information. (That article was published last week, fwiw.) / Poynter

The metaverse has long existed in Minecraft, and new web3 projects are finally making that connection. / Motherboard

Beautiful and weird: A deep-sea montage of deep-sea creatures in Monterey Bay. / Colossal