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Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Under the banner of Kevin

Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskiy reiterates his offer to hold direct talks with Vladimir Putin. / The Guardian

Why does Russia fear Sweden and Finland joining NATO? For one thing, it would mean "tightening the strategic Nordic grip" on the Baltic Sea. / The Associated Press

The global scramble for metals—specifically battery metals to support net-zero projects—means governments are looking to Africa. / Reuters 

See also: A good summary of the past week's news across Africa. Also, Johannesburg girls find therapy through skateboarding. / This Week in Africa, It's Nice That

Each year, millions of barrels are shipped from New York City to the Caribbean. Some personal stories of why and how. / The Prepared

China's export slowdown may be more a victim of America's problems than a cause of them. "Most American inflation is made in America." / The Economist

In 2021, CEOs of America's seven biggest publicly traded health insurance companies together received more than $283 million. / STAT

Gavin Francis: Considering the rise in antibiotic resistance, this "golden era" in medicine may be seen as an age of recklessness. / The London Review of Books

Generic drugmakers agree to make Pfizer's Covid-19 antiviral treatment to sell in low- and middle-income countries for $25 or less. / Reuters

Tyson Foods and other big meat companies supposedly lied about pandemic shortages to persuade the government to keep their plants open. / The Washington Post

The Jan. 6 panel issues subpoenas for five House Republicans, including GOP leader Kevin McCarthy. / NPR

Just eight percent of Manhattan office workers are back in the office five days a week. / The New York Times

A visit to robotics company Engineered Arts, where they're trying to create androids with human dexterity. / The Verge

Unrelated/related: Why are watches set to 10:10 in ads? One theory is that the hands then resemble a smiling face. / Real Clear Science

Real interviews with people who lived in the 1800s. / Open Culture