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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Unnatural selection.

"We do not know who has your ear, but it clearly isn't us or your constituents." Five members of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's advisory board quit. / CNN

See also: "Under the actual ruling principles of the United States, Manchin is currently the most powerful authority on climate matters in the country." / Indignity

For now at least, it often costs more for drivers to fuel electric cars than gasoline ones. / Detroit Free Press

"Coastal hardening" includes artificial coastal structures like seawalls and wharves, and it's introducing invasive species to new habitats. / The Guardian

Marc Lore's planned Utopia in the desert is maybe a vision for the future, in that it's a billionaire tax haven and ground zero for the water wars. / The New Republic

Wealthy Americans buy too much. Breaking the cycle doesn't have to be about renouncing the habit, but choosing more wisely. / Vox

The billionaires who benefited the most during the pandemic. / Cognitive Feedback Loop

Over a 40-year career, the average Latina will be paid $1.1 million less than the average white male. / Remezcla

Trained on advice subreddits, an AI provides troubling responses to users' moral quandaries. / The Verge

See also: Redditors weigh in on the worst assholes of all time from AmITheAsshole. / Digg

A once-rare mutation, tuskless elephants have become very common due to ivory poaching. / The Guardian

The founder of the Mastodon social network says Trump's imminent "Truth Social" illegally lifted Mastodon's codebase. / Motherboard

J&J is using a controversial bankruptcy maneuver to block thousands of lawsuits it's facing over claims of asbestos in its baby powder. / NPR

A breakdown of how much various foreign countries donate to American universities. / Investigative Economics

Realistic still lifes of real life, painted by Paul Rouphail. / This Isn't Happiness

Translating the poem a man was seen writing in the sand on a beach in Google Maps. / Literary Hub

The United States Postal Service has a tool that lets you view any mail route in the US. / FlowingData

"Inspiration porn" is why mainstream discussions about disability rarely move past people's fascination with Helen Keller. / The New York Times

Classic dance music albums—e.g., Aphex Twin, Orbital, the Chemical Brothers—visualized as holographic waveforms. / Creative Boom

A look back at the glory days of internet jump scares. (Warning: jump scares ahead.) / Den of Geek

"Both pellagra and rabies are important, however, because they were epidemic during a key period in vampire history." / The Conversation

Entrants in the 2021 Creepy Doll Contest. / Hyperallergic