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Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Very close

European leaders hold muted commemorations to mark the end of World War II on the continent.

France (though not Paris) begins reopening next week, Australia likely soon after.

Many governors across the US are disregarding or “creatively interpreting” White House guidelines for safely easing restrictions.

The Trump administration buries a detailed CDC guide to reopening.

Nebraska’s governor ignores health officials and keeps a beef-processing plant open—to predictable results.

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Despite the pandemic and Trump's rhetoric, the Tennessee Valley Authority is offshoring jobs⁠, perhaps to weaken unions.

Investigators find that Mississippi spent nearly $100 million in federal anti-poverty funds on football tickets, speaker fees for wrestlers, and more.

Over the past month, Americans have been driving more, after a March when roads were virtually empty.

Nearly 20,000 teens in Georgia got their driver's licenses without taking a road test, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Astronomers find a black hole 1,000 light-years from Earth. "In cosmic proportions, it’s very close."

Thanks to Switch sales and Animal Crossing, Nintendo reports a 200% profit increase over the past quarter.

Total sales on Etsy doubled last month, mainly due to homemade face masks sold on the platform.

Also selling well: soft pants.

Land O’Lakes removes the Native American maiden from its packaging. The illustrator’s son says the image wasn’t a stereotype.

Packaged medications to cure just about anything you can imagine, by artist Dana Wyse.

An Amsterdam restaurant is trying glass cabins for diners to maintain safety around staff and other patrons.

Infrastructure helped make COVID-19 what it is. Infrastructure workers can help us fight back.

"Connections are being forged, even as we keep our distance. Let’s hold onto them in the after."

The 2020 Portuguese Bookshelf Championship features home libraries that appear behind pundits Skyping into news shows.

Clubbing online predates the pandemic for the Manila-based Club Matryoshka, where the bouncer is a Google Form.

The Hood Internet mixes 50 songs from 1985 into a single three-minute track.