Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Very superstitious.

After exiting the Trans Pacific Partnership soon after entering office, Trump now wants back in—if he gets a better deal than Obama. It might not be so easy, though, since the other countries have already renegotiated a plan that doesn't include the US.

Rummaging for data to back his attacks on Amazon, Trump asks for a review of the USPS's finances.

The White House says Trump will pardon Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney's former chief of staff who was convicted of perjury in 2007 during the investigation into the leak of CIA official Valarie Plame's identity—which conservatives at the time decried as a "witch hunt."

Firing the Watergate special prosecutor was the beginning of Nixon's end. Trump seems willing to take that chance.

Whether Facebook keeps a backup version of your data after account shutdown. Whether Facebook will change users’ default settings to minimize the collection and use of their data. Everything Mark Zuckerberg said he’d have his team follow up with Congress about.

Zuckerberg declined to answer Congress on how users are tracked outside Facebook. Here's how: the Like button and the ad pixel.

Republican officials in 49 states have openly attacked Muslims with words and proposed legislation since 2015.

Donald Trump's vision for America resembles the Queens, NY, of his youth—before civil rights and fair housing.

The Gulf Stream is 15% weaker than it was 1,600 years ago, with most of the change happening since 1850 (or later).

To avoid further unrest, London police ask people to stop leaving flowers near where a homeowner killed a burglar.

It makes [the animals] grow to gigantic proportions and become very aggressive. And in the wolf’s case, it also grew bat wings. But that’s not exactly how CRISPR works. A scientific fact-check of CRISPR’s role in creating bioengineered monsters in The Rock’s new movie.

America's Test Kitchen begins its new Instant Pot cookbook by saying it doesn't recommend Instant Pots.

Maternal mortality rates in Texas appeared to spike in 2012—it was user error due to a bad drop-down menu.

A trove of fascinating interactive mapping tools, including some eye-popping historical map overlays.

Their exact location forgotten, Samuel Taylor Coleridge's remains have been found inside a church wine cellar.

Video: Leaving a hopscotch game on a Seattle sidewalk as a social experiment to see who plays.

“If serotonin is helping solve a more general problem for intelligent systems, then machines might implement a similar function, and if serotonin goes wrong in humans, the equivalent in a machine could also go wrong.” As AI systems become more human-like, they may be prone to human conditions—including hallucinations and depression.

Science journals keep publishing on the psychedelic drug effects that any casual drug user already knows.

Our profile of an LSD researcher who, after the government banned his work, reinvented himself through micro-dosing.

Video: Various imagined landscapes, zoomed into, over and over, in the video for Kemialliset Ystävät’s “Pujottelua.”